Over 25 years Fast track eliminates the 3 month waiting period from C2 Full - 4L, C4 Full - 5L   $275.00 incl GST 

Drivers aged 25 years or older who successfully complete the accelerated heavy licence class (Fast Track) course can progress through heavy licence classes without waiting the required three months between each class.

  • Class 2 full licence to Class 4 L licence (2F - 4L) minimum 7 days
  • Class 4 full licence to Class 5 L licence (4F - 5L) minimum 7 days

This accelerated is avaliable to person's 25 years of age, we are able waiver the requirement for holding a full class 2 full or class 4 full licence for three months.

Each course consists of similar elements:

  • The driver is required to demonstrate that they have had practical experience driving a vehicle that requires either a full Class 2 or full Class 4 driver licence, since obtaining their Full class 2 or full class 4 licence. 
  • The driver is required to demonstrate their knowledge by completing 3 multi-choice closed book questionnaire (study time is required, we supply the study material free) the driver will also be required to drive a minimum 1000kms in a vehicle they hold the full class of licence.
  • 1000kms must completed over a mimimum seven day period, this drive time will be verified from their 100% correct logbook entries, The vehicle used must be TSL registered, all driving evidence must be verified by the drivers employer (real work time).
  • All logbook entries and test papers must be 100% accurate to pass.

Please Note: The accelerated course is for persons Over 25 years of age This accelerated course does not eliminate  the requirements from the driver obtaining a learner licence for the licence class they are advancing on towards.