Logbook Training $365.00

Our NZTA approved course is held every week.Timaru-Dunedin-Christchurch 

(Fatigue managment,work time and driver logbook requirements for all truck, taxi, bus and vehicle recovery drivers. 

(Unit Standard 24089)

Save Thousands on Logbook Infringements by learning your legal requirements of the work time rule

This course is a 4 hour theory course, approved by NZTA. The written assessment is closed book and includes a five day logbook scenario.

Course content includes:

  • Driving hours law
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Your employers responsibilities
  • How to fill out a logbook
  • Resulting fines and loss of licence for failure to complete logbook correctly
  • 1-5 omissons (mistakes) $150.00 fine plus 10 demerit points
  • Not obeying the work time rule, may incure a maximum fine of $2000.00 plus, loss of licence for a minimum period of one month.
  • Companys ORS (operator rating system) will be effected from the drivers fines.

This course is a must for anyone that is not up to date with the work time and logbook rule and the provisions of the Land Transport Rule.

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