Full Class 5 Driver licence in one day if you hold US:24089 $880.00

Our two day course US:24089 and US:17577 $1060.00

the prices include truck hire, you can supply your own truck at a reduced price. 

We train before we assess classes 2, 4, 5

Class 5 is a heavy combination vehicle with a GVM (gross vehicle mass) over 25,000kg.

The holder of a Class 5 learner licence can drive this class of vehicle; if they are under supervision by a driver that has held their full class 5 for two years or more.

For further information visit www.nzta.govt.nz

Steps to get your Class 5 Licence

  • You will need to hold your Class 5 learner licence before attending the course at ProDriver Training Ltd; This is conducted at your local licencing agent.  The price for this is $93.90 payable to the licencing agent.
  • To prepare yourself for your Class 5 learners study the Heavy Vehicle Road Code www.nzroadcode.co.nz (we provide road code study material free of charge) Road code tuition is avaliable if you require assistance. A current medical certificate is required prior to sitting (35 road code questions) you will need to answer 33 correctly to pass.
  • Price does vary depending on previous training, give us a call to get a free no obligation personalized quote.
  • If you have not completed any licences with a course provider please contact us to get you started on your two day course with theory and practical elements, US:24089 and US:17577. Practical training will be given prior to the assessment. We can suppy a Class 5 unit for you to hire if you do not have your own.
  • When competent, you will receive a NZTA certificate for your full class 5 licence.
  • Take your NZTA certificate to a licencing agent who will update your drivers licence to a full Class 5 Licence.
  • A fee of 49.60 is payable to the licencing agent for this update.

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