Full Class 4 - Heavy traffic licence

One day course (must hold US:24089) $680.00 includingTruck hire, or you can supply your own truck and save $140.00

A Class 4 vehicle is a heavy rigid vehicle with a GVM (gross vehicle mass) of more than 18000kg, the a holder of a class 4 learner can drive a class 4 vehicle if they are supervised by a fully licenced driver (supervisor must have held a full licence of the correct licence class for two years or more)

For further information visit www.nzta.govt.nz

Steps to getting your Class 4 Licence:

  • Complete an DL1 application form and pay the required fee of $48.20 at your local licencing agent to gain your Class 4 learner licence. (there is no test for this learner licence)
  • Contact ProDriver Training and book in for your full Class 4 Licence course
  • If you previously did your Class 2 Licence course with ProDriver Training Ltd, or another approved provider, and hold unit 24089, you will not be required to undergo the theory training component of US17576. you will have to complete and pass the NZTA theory and practical assessment for your Class 4 full licence.
  • If you can not provide evidence of previous training by your pervious course certificate or verifacation from your previous provider, you will need to attend the two day course with the theory and practical elements US:24089 - US:17576
  • If you are unable to supply your own Class 4 vehicle for the practical element, we can supply a suitable Class 4 vehicle for you to hire.
  • Practical driver training is included prior to assessment.
  • Please note: Bring your logbook if you have one, if not we can supply one for you.
  • Upon completion of this course you will receive a NZTA certificate for your Full Class 4 licence, you must take your NZTA certificate to your local licencing agent who will update your drivers licence to a full Class 4 Licence. A fee of $49.60 will apply for processing costs.

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