Full class 2 - Heavy traffic licence in two days ($860.00 Gst incl)            If you supply your own truck ($760.00 Gst incl)

We train and assess classes 2, 4 and 5

Class 2 is a medium rigid vehicle licence. The holder of a Class 2 learner (under supervision) or full licence can drive a rigid vehicle with a GVM (gross vehicle mass) of more than 6000kg but not more than 18000kg.

For further information visit www.nzta.govt.nz

Steps to getting your Class 2 Licence:

  • You will need to sit your Class 2 learner licence at a NZTA licencing agent of 35 road code questions (32 correct answers to pass) before attending your two day course 
  • To prepare yourself for your Class 2 learners you can study the Heavy Vehicle Road Code (we provide road code study material free of charge) road code tuition is avaliable if you require assistance.
  • The cost to sit your learner licence at the licencing agent is $93.90
  • You will need a medical certificate before you can sit your learners (Medical Certificate is only valid for 60 days)
  • Once you pass the learner licence test, you are eligable to attend your two day NZTA approved driver training course
  • Courses for class 2, 4 and 5 are held every Wednesday and Thursday, day one commences at 7:45am to approximatley 4:00pm
  • The NZTA approved two day course consists of Fatigue Management and Work Time and Driver Logbook requirements US:24089 - US:17574 
  • Practical training is conducted prior to the  assessment 
  • Class 2 vehicle for the pratical element must be at least 6000Kgs on road weight, and be loaded to at least 50% of the vehicles GVM to comply with NZTA licence testing requirements
  • Should you choose to supply your own suitable vehicle it must meet the above requirements  (you save $97.95 incl Gst )
  • Payment is due on completion of the course.
  • Class 2 licence & logbook course cost is $860.00 (Gst inclusive)
  • Upon achievement of the theory and practical training / assessment you will receive a NZTA certificate that must be presented to your local licence issuing agency to have your licence updated before driving on your own.

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