One day Wheels, Tracks and Rollers Endorsement course $350.00 

W R T course is held weekly

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If you drive a special-type vehicle on a road

Defintion of a road: (Land Transport ACT 1998) A street, motorway, beach and a place to which the public have access whether as of right or not; all bridges, culverts, ferries and fords forming part of a road or street or motorway. All sites at which vehicles may be weighed for the purpose of the Act or enactment.

you will need to hold a W, T , R endorsement on your driver licence.

  • You must hold a FULL New Zealand driver licence to qualify
  • Full class 1 licence / maximum weight limit up to 18,000kg 
  • Full class 2 licence / weight limit any machine over 18,000kg 
  • These endorsements can be completed individually if required
  • 1 Endorsement $195.00 
  • 2 Endorsements $270.00  
  • All 3 Endorsements at the same time $350.00
  • All prices include GST

Wheels Endorsement

  • Vehicles that run on wheels.
  • A Wheels (W) endorsement is required to operate special-type vehicles that run on wheels, including Combine Harvesters, Silage Choppers and Pea Viners. 

Tracks Endorsement

  • Vehicles that run on self-laying tracks
  • A Tracks (T) endorsement is required to operate special-type vehicles that runs solely on self-laying tracks.

Rollers Endorsement

  • Vehicles that is use to roll / compact the ground
  • A Rollers (R) endorsement is required to operate special-type vehicles that run on steel drums / pnuematic tryes


  • An Operator Safety Manual would need to be obtained and studied prior to the course commencing
  • All three endorsements are NZQA unit standard based,16701,16702,16703 upon achievement the units will be registered to your Record of Learning
  • The courses include theory and practical training prior to assessment
  • ProDriver Training provides all machinery for the practical elements
  • Course cost is $350.00 GST inclusive for all three endorsements
  • Individual endorsements can be done at the prices listed above
  • Upon completion you will recieve an NZTA certificate, this certificate must be presented to your local licencing issuing agent to have your endorsements added to your driver licence.
  • The licence issuing agency cost is $44.00 per endorsement

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